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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

My parents immigrated from the Philippines in the early 70s. My mom was first sent to Arkansas to work as a RN where I remember her telling me she saw the faded signs of segregation when she arrived. My dad moved to Chicago to work as a computer programmer where he felt the need to change his name from Jose to “Joe” in the workplace. We never sat down to talk about their assimilation to American life, and the prejudice that came with that (I hope to when I can physically see them again in Chicago). I know I have my own personal stories of discrimination as an Asian Pacific American.

Hate crimes against the Asian Pacific Community has risen during the Covid Pandemic. If you didn’t know that, please educate yourself and be aware of the struggles of other communities. We will be matching 100% of our sales to donate to @stopaapihate Thurs. March 18th - Sun. March 21st (please note our shop is closed Thurs. and Fri. as the Pinhole Crew gets their second vaccine, but we are also matching sales from our online store).


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